Arkansas State Animal
Control Association

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What ASACA (Arkansas State Animal Control Association) does for Arkansas Animal Control:

  • Engage and enhance the professionalism of animal control personnel through development of specialized training programs.
  • Promote better laws and law enforcement methods relating to animals.
  • Provide expertise and guidance on animal control problems to officials at city, county and state levels.
  • Advance the health, morals, welfare, and training of animal control officers while providing communication and education for animal control organizations.

Since 1986 ASACA has been in operation to assist Animal Control Officers, their cities, counties, and government.  We strive to provide updated information and train Animal Control Officers to have the knowledge to perform their duties to the best of their ability.

“For the Betterment of Our Profession”

Board Members and Officers 2018




Vice - President

Mike Wheeler


Chuck Fortson


Zach Carlisle


Oscar Hoskins

Cody Elkinton

Ariel Housmann

Amber Wisinger

Chris Davis

William El-Amin